Project: Cluster of Excellence application "Cognition and Behaviour in the Anthropocene"

How do individuals deal with change in times of drastic change?

Humanity is causing and experiencing the most serious changes to our Earth system. Scientists at the University of Göttingen and other partner institutions want to answer the question of how individuals deal with change in an excellence initiative.

We supported the interdisciplinary, international research team with the development and design of diagrams and illustrations for their work.


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Our contribution


Work process: German & English
Products: English

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Diagrams, pictograms, illustrations


  • Team of the Cluster of Excellence initiative
  • Michael Cranston: Isometric illustrations

Further work

Case Study
“Metis Institute for Strategy and Foresight”

How can our highly complex world become safer?

University of the Bundeswehr Munich
“YESS community” Online Platform

How can Earth System Sciences promote change towards a more liveable future?

Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology
Case Study
“Isodrones” Research Initiative

What secrets do deep roots harbour about water cycles?

TU Braunschweig


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