is the beginning of knowledge." *

* Plato

Our drive

A future worth living in

Zum Staunen* is a creative studio for science communication. We strive to present our customers’ scientific findings in an understandable and entertaining way in order to make them accessible and tangible for as large a target group as possible.

Knowledge is power, power that we believe everyone should have. So that people understand their collective impact potential. So that our horizon of possibilities expands. So that we are inspired by what is known and curious about what still needs to be understood.

So that people understand what is going on in the world and which actions are considered demonstrably meaningful. So that we focus more on fact-based discourse instead of shouting our opinions in our faces and letting ourselves be guided by emotions. So that we can actively shape change that is aimed at improvement.

How we work


Zum Staunen* covers the entire spectrum of the scientific process. From proposal submission and research publication to video production and online marketing: everything in the realm of science communication.

We are a small and flexible core team that works with a wide range of experts to ensure the best implementation possible for each individual project with minimal effort.

In 20 years of experience, we have learned that understanding the content of your projects is the basis for our work. Only once we have understood all the substantive content do we think about selecting the proper communication channels and media to convey your findings. Together, we decide on the next steps and assemble the perfect team with the right specialists for your project as required.

This is us

Christoph Ph. Nick

Founder / Consulting / Conception / Creative Direction
Christoph holds the reins. He developed the idea "Zum Staunen*" in 2020. He was delighted to launch the creative studio for scicomm in the year that marked the 20th anniversary of his first media creation gig c-studios.
As a trained documentary filmmaker and multimedia designer, he draws on a wealth of experience to bring the importance of your research to life.

Dr. Lena Ackermann

Funding Application / Conception / Consulting / Event
We are counting the days!
As we are delighted that from August 2024, Lena, who holds a doctorate in cognitive science and is an experienced science communicator, will be using her passion and expertise to help shape "Zum Staunen*" and our customers’ SciComm.

Colleen Zeller

Conception / Content Creation / Video Production
Colleen is studying for a Master's degree in Media Conception. She contributes her high level of creativity, thoroughness and experience in both conception and realisation as a working student. She is building on her strengths in the moving image sector with us.
Jens Hofmayer

Jens Hofmayer

Communication Design / Brand Development
Jens has been a partner from the very beginning. First-class designer, chief strategist with insatiable interest, profound knowledge and a soul of a man. Consultant for brand development and humane branding.
Rudolf Weissbecker

Rudolf Weißbecker

Webdesign / WordPress / Development
Rudolf is the fastest and brightest when it comes to web design & development. We are happy to call him "our specialist" for web, WordPress, Elementor & Co.
Lukas Thorsson


Film Production / Motion Design / VR
The creative team at Filmflow always keeps a cool head, no matter how many cameras are in use on set or how many tracks are required in After Effects. Our local partner for all things moving image.
Astrid Schicht

Astrid Schicht

Marketing / Social Media
Astrid is a marketing expert through and through. Her comprehensive expertise in brand communication, her open-mindedness, her clear ability to analyse, her attention to detail and her goal-oriented strategic work make her the ideal partner for us when it comes to marketing.

Mareike Thies

Illustration / Text
Mareike wraps spiky topics into drawings and illustrations. Conducting research, asking questions and understanding are the foundation for pen and imagination.

Michael Cranston

Illustration / Graphic Design
Michael is an inexhaustible source of creativity. His wealth of ideas is unbeatable. His fine graphic style is unique. Our hero for the particularly tricky tasks.
Stefan Türk

Stefan Türk

Advertising Technology / Graphic Design
Stefan is Mr. Wolf of advertising technology. In a crisis, he really blossoms. In normal operation, he is bubbling over with ideas. A complete professional for graphic craftsmanship, vinyl junky and walking music encyclopaedia.

Eva Bös

Conception / Text / Proofreading / Editing
As a German scholar and qualified book restorer, Eva combines theory and practice like no other. This is always evident in her clear, structured thinking and sophisticated work. Her concepts and texts speak for themselves.

Angelika Pohl

Editing / Text / Consultancy / Easy & Simple Language
Angelika, also a German scholar, is our first choice when it comes to expertise and empathy for texts in simple and easy language. Her warm and emphatic manner means that working with her doesn't feel like work.
Katja Faier

Katja Faier

Project Assistance / Conception / Research
Katja is a networker, communicator and organiser with an almost inexhaustible wealth of ideas and a thirst for action. She is also able to enrich every collaboration with a unique blend of open mindedness, critical scrutiny and cheerfulness.
Guido Möller

Guido Möller

DoP / Camera
Guido is an old-school cameraman. From cinema to TV to advertising, he knows everything from the days of analogue technology, big budgets and fine catering. He has retained his love of moving images and today masters all digital formats. His experience and professionalism make every collaboration a mentoring experience.
Jan Lösch-Schloms

Jan Lösch-Schloms

Camera / Video Editing / Video Post-production
Jan started with us as an intern in the editing and camera department. He then studied media studies and supported us as a working student. Now he contributes his expertise in editing on a project basis. He is characterised by his artistic and technical interest and his ability to grasp things quickly.


Our environment is very important to us. After all, we only have this one home planet. Some things that are important to us:

  • we use green electricity and biogas from Bürgerwerke for our office

  • our hosting at ionos runs on 100% green energy

  • we provide a company bike

  • if we have to drive, we use stadtmobil car sharing

  • where possible, we purchase used equipment and furniture

  • we repair broken items and support the Right to Repair movement

  • whenever possible, anything that needs to be printed is printed on Blauer  Engel 100% recycled paper

  • we adjust our processes to solely work with local (environmental) print shops

  • we look for sustainable solutions for our customers first

We don’t want to stop here. We are grateful for tips and exchange!

🚀 Move science with us!

🚀 Move science with us! 🚀 Move science with us! 🚀 Move science with us! 🚀 Move science with us!

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