Project: Cluster of Excellence "Normative Orders"

What happens when social structures are suddenly turned upside down?

After its foundation in 2007, we developed the corporate design and various media for the Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders” at Goethe University Frankfurt. In 2019, the cluster was merged into the research network “Normative Orders”. It continues to conduct research on freedom, justice, tolerance and participation, among other things.

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Our contribution


Work process: German
Products: German & English

Shares of the total scope of services


Logo, corporate design, business cards, business stationery, presentation templates, infographics, pull-up banners, website


  • Jens Hofmayer: Corporate design, media design
  • Björn Wolf: Website development & realisation

Further work

BMBF Project “Urban climate in transition”

What helps municipalities to better deal with climate change?

Leibniz University Hannover
Case Study
“Metis Institute for Strategy and Foresight”

How can our highly complex world become safer?

University of the Bundeswehr Munich
Case Study
“Isodrones” Research Initiative

What secrets do deep roots harbour about water cycles?

TU Braunschweig


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